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Cosmetic Dental

We have access to the latest in cosmetic dental technologies so you can have a more youthful smile.

Our team of dentists at Karratha Dental Care pride themselves on their ability to provide a range of cosmetic dental treatments that enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Our range of cosmetic dentistry treatments and services aim to address crooked, chipped, discoloured, stained, missing, gapped and crowded teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Crowns & Bridges

a gold or porcelain restoration that is designed to completely encase a single tooth.Read More


Dental implants are a safe and effective way to restore a smile.Read More


A solution for damaged, discoloured or crooked teeth to enhance their appearanceRead More


For when most of your teeth are missing, damaged or decayedRead More

Dermal Fillers

Anti-wrinkle injections that restore volume to the skin and lipsRead More

Teeth Whitening

Safe removal and disposal of mercury (amalgam) fillings.Read More

Clear Aligners

Are your teeth misaligned, have gaps or need to be straightened?Read More