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Custom-fitted Mouthguards

Custom-fitted sports mouthguards help to reduce dental injuries from playing contact sports

Enjoy playing a contact sport but would like to protect your teeth? Custom-fitted sports mouthguards help to reduce the risk and severity of dental injuries sustained from playing contact sports.

Your dentist may recommend wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard to help protect your mouth whilst playing contact sports and sports that pose a high risk of dental injury.

Why you should wear a mouthguard?

Contact sports such as AFL, rugby, hockey, boxing, soccer and volleyball can cause serious damage to the mouth upon collision. Wearing a protective mouthguard that has been custom-fitted to your teeth and gums can help to prevent and reduce the severity of damage caused.

Do your oral health a favour and avoid the risk (and cost) of an oral injury.

What’s the difference between custom mouthguards and over-the-counter mouthguards?

Custom-fitted mouthguards are created and fitted by a professional dentist and provide the best possible protection for your teeth. In the dental chair, an impression of the teeth is taken and a plaster mould is formed to create a custom fit for you. It is moulded to fit properly, without restricting your ability to speak or breathe.

Over-the-counter or “boil and bite” mouth guards are self-fitted and moulded by immersing them in hot water and then biting into the guard to take shape of the mouth. Whilst cheaper, over-the-counter mouthguards are less effective when it comes to protecting you against oral injuries and have been known to be less comfortable, due to a poor fit.

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