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Dr Brindavan Pandey

Dr Pandey provides not only a “great experience” but is the most experienced and knowledgeable clinician in Karratha. He can treat 99% of your dental problems or refer you to someone who can.

Crowns Successfully Placed

Dr Pandey founded both Karratha Dental and Karratha Smiles with his practice manager and partner of fifteen years who has provided unwavering support in his endeavors and with whom he shares two wonderful daughters.

Dr Pandey has worked solely in private practice with clinical experience and interest in cosmetic dentistry, ceramic veneers, complex crown and bridge, dentures and restorative implant dentistry. Dr Pandey regularly hosts visiting implant surgeons making this service unique to the Pilbara.

Prior to arriving in the Pilbara his experience was garnered through his two private clinics in the Sydney harbourside suburbs of Rose Bay and Double Bay where he worked closely with legends of general practice, Dr Paul Coumbis and Dr Harry Rich over a ten year period.

Patients included identities from the U.S and Australian film, television and entertainment industries. What sets Dr Pandey and the ethos of Karratha Dental apart from its competitors can be found in our mission statement of “service, experience and knowledge”.